Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mommy moments

(or "You know you're a tired mommy when...")

Part 1: It takes you all day to realize you've had your shirt on backwards.
Part 2: Your reaction to this realization is positive, because a.) that means you at least got out of your jammies, and b.) you think "Yipee! Now I can wear this shirt again before washing it because the spit-up is on the back side!"

Yes, it's sadly but truly based on a recent experience.


Grandfather said...

Yes, and this silliness is why I love my daughter so. Silly, silly.

Kim C. said...

funny, not just because you told the story well, but because I've been there too. :)

Krista said...

funny! awww :)

Krista said...

Hey! I'm feeling better, because I had a talk with my parents about it. So, although it didn't solve everything, it is a lot better. I may have been overly sensitive last night. I'm not coming home for my birthday, but they are coming to see me. But I will see you in November, right around Emma's birthday! I hope you're doing greta, I'm really enjoying your posts!! They're fun!

The Little Judisches said...

I have found that if your shirt is inside out and backwards, you can wear it 4 times!