Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Friends wanted. Inquire within.

I thought we showered reasonably often enough, and we play well with others. But we're starting to get a complex, as we had to say good-bye today to yet another set of close friends that are moving away.

The Slaughters are moving to Virginia tomorrow, and we will miss them dearly. Garfield got the chance to work closely with David during the last few months, which was such a blessing. We sadly almost feel partly responsible for them moving away, since Greenscapes wasn't doing enough business to support Dave full time, but we know God has His reasons for working things out the way He did. We have high hopes that the Slaughters will be very blessed by their act of faith in moving across the country, away from family and friends. (And if things don't work out, we'll all welcome them back with open arms! Just kidding, guys...we really do wish you the best up there.)

It's a sad day when you have to say farewell to those you love. You go through all sorts of regrets, like wishing you had gotten together more often, despite the 35 minute drive. It's just nice to have friends close by who have your same worldview, who are raising their children according to God's Word, and who are, well, just fun to be around. I kept from blubbering all over them and their moving van today only because my children were doing enough blubbering of their own. So now I turn to blogtherapy for comfort.

We'll miss you very much, Slaughter family. Virginia's going to be lucky to have you.


Grandfather said...

I think of Molly, and I think of little Warnie, and I always just end up in laughter. Pure, unadulterated laughter.

They're aptly named S-laughter.

Grandfather said...

Life is wonderful down here on the ranch, except that we don't have the little Green children here to go to the pond with, or see the deer, etc.

I know what you mean; having to drive almost FOUR hours to enjoy fellowship with like-minded believers... it's no fun, but it's still worth it. Hopefully, the drive will soon be about half an hour; almost nothing!

Kristen & Dave said...

Steph, thanks for your sweet words. We're here hoping that someone will like us enough soon to want to be our new friends. And all the business/friends/new life uncertainty we entrust to Him, as He has brought us this far by grace.

Chelsea said...

I want to be your friend! Kevin used to have a lawnmowing business, so he and Garfield can talk landscaping while we corral the kids.

Holly said...

Hi there!

I've been itching to put away Christmas stuff early this year too. Our lights are still up on the house, but then again we didn't get them up until the 23rd. I'm really hoping Tim takes them down this weekend. Anyway, I couldn't very well put away the Christmas cards until I was pretty sure they were done arriving. I'm glad I finally checked out your blog. Thanks for making me smile. Believe it or not, we are planning to actually invite you over soon as our life is getting less complicated. Don't take it personally that we haven't yet. We appreciate your friendship!