Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pregnancy Brain

If you've had a baby, you know it well. It's that realization that the baby in utero must be somehow eating your brain cells. It leads to various funny and/or embarassing situations during pregnancy, and can continue even into the post partum period.

Here's a recent conversation I had with my husband. I was describing to him how typically benign things like fabric softner, cologne, and not-smelly-to-the-non-pregnant-person-foods really bother me these days, with my sniffer working on overload.

Me: "Sheesh, I've tried three different times to shop for a deodorant that won't gross me out, and even though they smell fine in the store, I gag when I put them on."

Garfield: "Why don't you just get an unscented deodorant?"

Me: Blank stare, accompanied by silence.

Ah, pregnancy brain.

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Kim C. said...

You're gonna think I'm crazy but it's true - your brain *does* shrink during pregnancy.
Take a look:
Brain Shrinkage During Pregnancy