Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We're baaaaccck!

Sigh. The long-awaited trip to Dallas/Fort Worth for my friend Katie's wedding has come and gone. I have mixed emotions about that. On one hand, I'm so happy for her and her new husband Donny, and so pleased that we got to spend 8 days with my in-laws. On the other hand, it's always so deflating when something you've been looking forward to for so long is now behind you.

There's alot to catch up on in the blogosphere. I've been MIA lately, and want to share some great times and pictures with you dear friends. But that will have to be done gradually, as time allows for getting everything downloaded.

For now, I'll share an Emma story, and also a link to some great pictures of hubby's latest masterpiece. Story first:

As Emma is prone to do, she recently "adopted" a set of cute stuffed animals while at Grandma Sam and Papa Del's house. They are most definitely Husky sled dogs, but since that's an animal she's not familiar with here in sweltering San Antonio, she decided they were kitties. Very certainly decided, I might add. "After all, mommy, they have pointy ears, and don't look like dogs."

So for hours she had them meowing at anyone who would listen, despite our failed attempts to explain that they are not cats. I finally showed her a picture of sled dogs, and reminded her that there are other dogs with pointy ears. I had them bark at her when she "talked" to them.

She said, "They don't bark, Mommy. They go 'meow, meow'."

"But Honey, they're not kitties."

Pause, and pensive look on Emma's face.

"Yes, but they don't know they're not kitties, so they still meow."

How do you argue with that?

And now for the shameless plug: go to Garfield's blog to see the lovely pictures of his latest landscaping venture. He's good, I tell you. The man knows what he's doing. I recommend clicking on the photos to see them in more detail. (Hit the link for Field of Spears on the side of my blog.)


Krista said...

Hey, I don't know if you got my last comment or not, I don't think it went through... but-

It sounds like Emma knows what she is talking about!

I hope to see you soon. I'm comin gback on the 7th and will be there until the 14th. Think we can get together? Hope so!

For a Season said...

Your going to have a lawyer on your hands with that kind of logic! Too cute!

Stephanie said...

very funny! Aren't they fun!