Monday, August 07, 2006

The tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth

After much anticipation, many homeopathic teething tabs, and an inordinate amount of drool (from the baby, not the parents), our little guy's first tooth has finally made it's debut. So this picture taken last month may be the last truly gummy grin we'll see around here, at least until #3 arrives.

Baby Garfield is affectionately referred to as "Inchie" now, since he's mastered the art of zipping around like a turbo-charged inchworm. It's seriously amusing. He propels himself forward using a combination of elbows pulling and big toepads pushing, for an alarmingly effective method of maneuvering. If he thinks food may be in his vicinity, the speed increases exponentially and is accompanied by various grunts and squeals.

As for an update on last week's post, I want to thank you all for your encouragement and prayers. God has been gracious, and your prayers effectual, because I could truly feel a newfound sense of purpose, energy, and love today as I went about my tasks. It was an unusually great "mommying" day, complete with puzzles, cookie-baking, snuggle time, story-reading, and playing. Now that I know how many people will pull together to pray, I'll have to spill my guts more often! Now there's something to look forward to.


Amy Soupiset said...

What an amazing picture! I need to see your kids in person soon. Garfield is growing up so fast. I am sorry I missed your call, but I am glad that you got the answer you were looking for. Call again sometime soon. You are an amazing mommy and I am glad that you had one of those days that reminds you of what a privilege and blessing it is to be a mom. Thanks for always encouraging me when I forget. Love you friend!

Anonymous said...

What a cute picture of inchie.He is such a cute little guy. Well, I'm glad the tooth has finally made it's debut. He will now have more chewing power for his voracious appetite.I love to watch him eat. He eats with such gusto!
Sis, I am so very proud of you. You are doing a great job raising the children. What a blessing they have been to us. We just love those children so much. They have brought us so many days of joy. We love you and pray for you everyday. I know the Lord will not give you more than you can handle.Keep up the good work and keep those grandkids coming. We look so forward to #3.
God bless you today and I thank the Lord for such a wonderful daughter. We love you honey.

Kelly said...

What a cutie!! I have 6 children and had all the thoughts that you mentioned in your previous post. It IS overwhelming. I am having one of those days today!! My children range in 11 years old to 18 mos old. You can do it. Lean on the Lord and good friends that have lots of children!!

Naomi Joy said...

Hi Stephanie! I came across your blog quite by accident today and just wanted to say your children are absolutely beautiful! I can't believe how much Garfield looks like Emma, only the boy version. (That's what they used to say about my brother and sister!) Anyway, hello, and I hope you don't mind me checking in once in awhile . . . if you're going to keep posting such cute pictures. :-) Love from Naomi, Micah Valine's sister

Stephanie said...

Hi Naomi! How in the world did you come across my blog by accident? I'm so excited to hear from you, and of course I'd love for you to stop by---yes, I usually can't resist posting kid pictures. Please do keep in touch!

Shelley Roberts said...

He is just the cutest little thing! I can't wait to see what #3 looks like... another doll I'm sure!

Naomi Joy said...

Well, the accident was that I one day found the Common Room blog ( and have kept up with that just for the homeschooling information and stories and news and what-not. Well, she is apparently friends with the lady at the In a Shoe blog, so I started checking that once in awhile. And this week, that lady linked to your blog, so I was looking at it, and then realized "hey! I know this lady!" That was pretty funny.

Have a great day!