Tuesday, September 26, 2006


This is a picture of what the diaper section of our changing table is supposed to look like:

Here is a picture of what the diaper section of our changing table is not supposed to look like, along with a small culprit we suspect to be responsible for the damage. Keep in mind, this was merely his reaction to being caught in the act. Not even reprimanded, just caught. Poor little guilt-ridden fella, I suppose his remorse was too overwhelming for him to handle:


Krista said...

Hahaha!! That is priceless, Steph!

Sanders said...

I think there is enough supporting evidence to convict him!

Shelley Roberts said...

Remember, innocent until proven guilty but I think Garfield may want to consider finding a good defense attorney! Too cute!!! :)

Amy Hofman said...

hilarious - is he wailing in repentant remorse or is that just giddy evil laughter for the being an evil baby? ;)

Kim said...

LOL! I guess the guilty conscience was to much for him. Or perhaps is he upset that mommy's presence means the end of his little game?

Chelsea said...

Consider it joy that he can feel guilt and remorse. It'll come in handy later when bigger issues arise.
My kids still like to sort the Pampers by type. A stack of Elmos, a pile of Big Birds, etc. OCD much?

Grandfather said...

Well, I hate to spoil the party here, but you're all wrong.

Wha' ya' dunna know is that the picture shows, clear as day, Gar-Field Three, givin' the blood-curdlin' yell of The Ranfurly Shield!

Tha wee lad was tryin' to invoke fear in his enemies, with the yell! (If ya' had taken the next photo, ya'd have caught him doin' his Gar-Field Three Haka Stomp. Fearsome lad.)

Want to see a decent Haka? Go to the website of the NZ All Blacks rugby team:


Those New Zealanders are a wee bit wimpy compared to Scots Highlanders, but not bad fer all that.

The diapers, by the by, were for his enemies. They need 'em; they're English.

Ach...but what would a gaggle of lasses know, anyway...

Tamber said...

Diapers are too tempting for the little ones. Bethany enjoys throwing them all over the place, too. She never gets upset when she gets caught, though. Enjoy GIII's innate sense of guilt (or fear his war cry, as grandfather says).