Sunday, January 14, 2007

We're changing our tactic

I'm beginning to feel like the watched pot that never boils, so we've decided to try a new approach. Instead of all of us assuming that "today may very well be the day", we're going to try and forget that this baby is on her way at all! Ok, who am I kidding? But seriously, we're now trying to live each day as though nothing out of the ordinary is going to happen. Then, when labor does start, we'll revamp our day around it. That way there's not as much limbo, planning around the unknown, tense self-evaluations of every bodily sensation. No more "hmmm...maybe we'll be getting up in the middle of the night tonight" or "ooh, I'd better shave, because this could be my last shower for awhile", or "I'll just get groceries to last a few more days, since we'll probably be eating frozen meals after that point".

At this point, three sets of grandparents have come and gone, all having hopes of meeting a new granddaughter, and all being sent off still waiting. Our church family has seen me two Sundays past what they expected to, and the little holiday baby we were expecting now safely has a birthday well into January.

My first two kids were exactly a week early, so this waiting game is all new to us. We've tried every technique known, short of drinking castor oil and jumping off furniture (hi, Kristen!), and no labor so far, which only confirms my conviction that labor starts when God's ready for it to start. My next doctor's appointment is Tuesday morning, when the "snow" is expected in this area, at which time a non-stress test will be done to make sure the baby is peachy keen in there, and just waiting for the right time to make her entrance. I can be patient, but I certainly pray to avoid an induction...


Granny said...

I'm waiting...not the REAL Granny of this baby but almost, huh? Hope to get a call tonight., not gonna say it :-)

Chelsea said...

All the grandparents have left? Put me back on the call list. Other than the dentist tomorrow afternoon and Bible study Tuesday morning, I'm free. (And I'd happily leave either of those appointments to help you out!) You have my cell phone number, right?

Amy Hofman said...

I like this plan - seems less stress on your end. We are thinking of you guys in the meantime.
I think its always funny to see women who are running on the late side with their pregnancies. People can't seem to help but relate to them as "ticking time-bombs" :)
It was good to see you this morning - you looked beautiful :) I am praying for you!

Cindee said...

Go ahead and boil. I'm not watching! ;-) Maybe just peeking once in a while.

Lura said...

Hi, I just found your blog today and I so remember that feeling! I was waiting for my twins to come and nothing was happening. It was my first pregnancy. I decided on Wed. at the Dr.'s office that they just weren't coming and I was going to get on with life. They were born the next day!

Pc3 said...

are you in labor YET?


We praying for you guys.
Out of curiosity...are we suppossed to pray that labor doesn't come until Thurday (for all you non-SA'ers that's when all this gross ice is supposed to be gone?

God Bless