Saturday, February 10, 2007

Life with a newborn

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times...

Dave Ramsey says that "only an entrepreneur can go from sheer exhilaration to utter despair and back in 60 seconds". Being married to an entrepreneur, I couldn't agree more. But he forgot about another people group that this pertains to: new moms. Or moms of new babies.

Life is funny when you're adjusting to a new tiny person in your home. You are floating on that cloud of utter love and joy that can only come from days (and nights) full of cuddling, nursing, and rocking your newborn. And yet, it's contrasted with that uncertainty and exhaustion that can only come from days (and nights) full of cuddling, nursing, and rocking your newborn.

I'm on a wonderful ride right now. As quickly as I realize how great life is with these three kids, things literally start crashing in around me. I'm constantly being humbled by the fact that there's absolutely no way I can do this without the Lord's strength. He's getting us through, day by day, diaper change by diaper change, feeding by feeding. His grace is sufficient for the task. Or tasks.

Thank you for asking how we're doing. Honestly, we really are doing better than I expected. Physically, my recovery has been a breeze (my major motivation for going through drug-free childbirth). Emotionally, well, postpartum hormones just keep you guessing. As far as adjusting, both Emma and Garfield have received their new baby in sweeter ways than we could've imagined. And Garfield has been quite busy with work projects, which is always a huge blessing. I'm learning (ahem...attempting to learn) how to be content staying home and performing the endless, seemingly menial tasks that are ever before me.

So all in all, we know how very blessed we are, and we're wading through this murky fog of postpartum-ness. Maybe in a few more weeks you'll see us poking our heads out on the other side!


Hofwoman said...

I am so glad that He is strengthening you, Steph. It is so neat to see you live with His hope in your heart.

I am eager to see you stick your head out, (and bring Elizabeth too!) sometime soon :)

Take care :)

Lora said...

Good to know you are doing well!

michelle said...

I can't believe I missed seeing you and Elizabeth at church on Sunday. I have been so eager to meet that new little one.

dmzuniga said...

Yes, and being of the entrepreneurial bent myself (albeit also an engineer, which was supposed to help...) I can say with some modicum of certainty: it is harder to juggle three grandbabies than just two of them.

One of them invariably falls on its head just when you're not looking!

Seriously, though: if we can get the recumbent bike seating arrangements worked out, this new 3-child arrangement will be just peachy. In fact, three more would be just peachy, too!!

As you well know, #3 is the "hump baby" so it's all downhill from here.

In keeping with your picture, then...Wheeeeeeeee!