Thursday, March 08, 2007

Love is in the little things

My husband (whose birthday happens to be tomorrow) is a very kind man. I realize more with each child we have how very dear he is to me, how much deeper my love for him is today than 6 1/2 years ago when we married, and how blessed I am to have been given a husband of whom I am certainly undeserving.

Sometimes the way we feel most loved is through the little things--the things some may not even notice, or deem insignificant.

One thing that Garfield has done for me over the past 6 weeks has been so incredibly helpful: when he's leaving for work in the morning, and Emma's just getting up, he turns on PBS for her, pours a bowl of dry cereal, and basically gets everything set up so that she doesn't have to wake me up. Since she likes to watch Dragontales before eating breakfast, he sets out a cup of milk that she can later pour into her own cereal. Then, he heats up baby Garfield's bottle of milk and leaves it on the upstairs banister so that when I hear him cry I can just hobble to his crib, hand him the bottle, and climb back in bed to nurse Elizabeth in my sleep. This buys me some precious least an hour or so.

This may seem like no big deal, but the fact that he realized on his own that those morning hours are when I get some of my best rest, and thought of how he could help me get as much sleep as possible with a newborn in the house, is very sweet to me. It convicts me to try and find ways to make his day a little easier, as well.

Thank you, Garfield, for being such a wonderful husband and daddy, and Happy Birthday!!


Candace said...

That was very sweet, Stephanie! I feel the same way about Greg! God was SO good to give us husbands that teach us how to love more!

Granny said...

Oh, Stephanie, I know exactly what you mean! John does so many things like this for me. One of the most valuable, and again it will seem inconsequential to most, is emptying the dishwasher for me before he leaves the house at 5:30 or 6 in the morning. I have this thing about getting up and facing a full dishwasher of clean dishes. When I can start my day with it EMPTY and ready to be filled with breakfast dishes, it feels like someone turbo-charged my day!

Thank God for husbands who understand the value of the little things :-)

Jen said...

I have read your blog for a couple of months now and I really enjoy it. What you wrote on your post made me reflect on the little things my husband does. Aren't they great?

Worth repeating~Thank God for husbands who understand the value of the little things!

soupablog said...

great post.