Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Small Victory: Pantry Organization


Don't laugh at me for posting before and after pictures of my pantry. It's not so much that I thought you'd necessarily care, but moreso that I needed a way to hold myself accountable to the task at hand.

I'm trying to tackle one project a week in the realm of organization. Last week was the pantry. Not merely for the sake of having a more organized pantry, but because I'd decided that if I could use my existing space/shelving better, then I could avoid the cost and space that would be needed to add a freestanding unit of some sort to hold all our preschool and craft materials. A shelf on the pantry would work great! Out of sight when not in use, and easy to organize. And best of all, free! It was a bigger challenge than I thought to free up an entire shelf, but at least now it's done, and we have a walk-in, rather than lean-in, pantry.


Cindee said...

That looks wonderful and I'm sure a great sense of accomplishment accompanies it. Well done!!

p.s. I've been lurking since KimC at Life in a Shoe said you were about to have your newest baby.

Krista said...

love organized things and it looks like you did a great job tackling the pantry! ;)

Kristen & Dave said...

Nice work Steph. I'm also trying to get creative with organizing with such small living space...but I'm not ready to post my "success" quite yet :-)

Candace said...

Looks great, Stephanie! I'll bet it FEELS even better to have a pantry that is in order. I did mine about five/six months ago. It was a big challenge but the results were very satisfying!

Tami said...

Looks great, Stephanie!

Amy Soupiset said...

Are the shelves labeled? I could let you use my label maker.:) It is very addictive. You did such a great job. You will be so amazed at how that will stay organized for months/years to come. The girls' room is still in relative order from my big reorganization of 2 years ago. Way to go!