Sunday, June 03, 2007

My son, my baby boy

My son, my baby boy.

You smile at me, with that twinkle in your eye,
and my Mommy heart melts. My soul fills with joy.
So small, yet already you draw people to yourself with those bright eyes, that shy smile.
Let your eyes always marvel at the wonder of God's handiwork. Let your smile forever speak of the hope of the Lord.

My son, my baby boy.

You wobble towards me, arms open wide, chubby feet so unsure,
and I reach for you, I embrace you, I cheer you on with such a proud smile---you have overcome your fear.
Ah, how a mommy loves her baby's feet. So small, so sweet, so soft to rub and squeeze. I always knew the day would come all too quickly when I couldn't kiss on your feet any longer; no, they would get dirty now.
And I wonder where your feet will take you in life. Oh, that they would walk away from iniquity, and ever steer you on the path of righteousness. May you walk in truth all the days of your life.

My son, my baby boy.

You cry out for me in the night. Was it a bad dream? An upset tummy? In a fog, I stumble to your crib. My heart is always glad that I can calm your fears, soothe your pain, and comfort your spirit with a simple hug and some whispered reassuring words. How easy it is now. What will I do when you're older? When the weightiness you experience can't be fixed with a hug? When you are a man, and you must--you simply must--be strong and courageous?

We sway back and forth together in the darkness as I comfort you, soaking in the priceless treasure of a fleeting moment. For some reason I think to myself that I hope I'll one day dance with you on your wedding day. How sweet it is that you love for me to sing or hum to you when you're trying to fall asleep.

May you ever grow in strength, in courage, and in the ability to find your comfort in the Lord your God. May your lips ever sing praises to Him, and may you and your heart dance with joy that only He provides. Deep, abiding joy.

My son, my baby boy.

You're growing so quickly. And so is my love for you, my little man--a tiny reflection of the one I married. What mother doesn't somewhat dread the day her baby boy will be all grown up and leave her? And yet, what mother wouldn't be more saddened if he didn't? It's imperative that I pray over you, and that the Lord allow me to help shape you into a man of God. You will have a family of your own someday; your wife and children are depending on me. In the blink of an eye, you'll be comforting your own little ones.

But for now, I'll just be content to hold you, my son, my baby boy.


Sanders said...

What a sweet, adorable post! So much to think and reflect on. Thanking God for your honest heart that we might mirror our parenting after!

Grandfather said...

Oh, you see why Mom feels about your brother as she does, eh? He never stops being her son...and you never stop being my daughter; apple of my eye!

We already LIVED all of that, My Daughter, My Baby Girl. The very heart of your heart? These, your words, only evoke my kindred father's pulse, the more.

Leanne said...

Thanks so much for your touching post....I see through a haze of tears! I linked to your blog from Kim C's blog, and I really like your blog! Keep the poignant posts coming!!! In Him, Leanne

Hofwoman said...

Steph, this is so dear and precious. It melted my heart - thank you :)

Kelly said...

What a sweet tribute to your son. My little man will be six months old tomorrow. I'm just beginning to understand that unique bond between mother and son.

Thanks for sharing!

Michelle B. said...

Loved your sweet tribute. So true. Such a responsibility to know you will mold him into the father/husband he will one day be. They grow up far to quickly. Steven will be 13 next Jan. (Where did the time go?) Cuddle him and hold him as long as he will let you for all too soon they really don't want Mommy to love on them. At least unless they want you to.

Krista said...

I got your card today and I absolutely loved it! Elizabeth Noelle is a beautiful baby girl :)