Thursday, March 13, 2008

Foaming at the Mouth

My youngest daughter loves to eat. That's an understatement. This little barely-over-one-year-old can out-eat most of the rest of us on a usual basis. It's insane, considering she's such a diminutive baby for her age. She also uses very little discretion when it comes to her food. She's quite the equal-opportunity eater.

Case in point: Yesterday we spent the day out at the property where my parents are building their house. As soon as we got out of the van, Elizabeth scoured the ground, and started saying "Num" (her word for food, as in, short for "num-num"). What was she pointing at? This:

Construction foam. Yummy, nummy construction foam.

Our church family is quite spoiled with wonderful Challah bread for the Lord's Supper each week. (Thanks, Donna!) The heel of the loaf looks remarkably like this piece of foam. Thank goodness she wasn't crawling around on the ground, because I'm fairly certain that she would've gladly eaten the foam if given the chance.

Sheesh. You'd think I starve my baby or something.

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Hofwoman said...

Okay, so that is SO much better than what I first thought when I saw the picture (which, of course, I looked at BEFORE I read the post!) I thought that that was a poisonous 'shroom and I was horrified! Oh that little girl of yours, she's a little eating machine :) and soo cute!!!