Sunday, April 06, 2008

Meet Marble and Loder

Thanks to my good friends Kim C. and Jenny, our church has embarked upon a wonderful adventure---a produce co-op like no other. I've been part of several co-ops before, but usually you have to pay a set amount of money in order to receive random produce that is at chosen at the discretion of the "picker". But this co-op is being run differently. They've set up a Google spreadsheet that allows individuals to make their selections from the list ahead of time so that it's a personalized order. The prices are still phenomenal (about 50% of grocery store), but you don't have to try and find a use for 10 bell peppers or 3 jicamas in one week if you don't want to.

So we showed up for the first co-op, and discovered that our zucchini order (6 lbs.)was being fulfilled by two zucchinis. These suckers were gargantuan! So I wasn't too surprised when my daughter decided to name them. After all, they certainly were no smaller than a sizeable weinie dog. Marble and Loder (pronounced "Loader") were toted around with love and affectionately caressed. All was peachy until it came time to make the often-requested Squash Boats. Then the tears came as Marble was carefully disected. I must say, I've never seen anyone get so emotional over a vegetable, but hey, there was an attachment there. (Loder got to live for a few days longer, since it turned out that one of these zucchinis was enough to make a meal for our family of five!)

(Note that this is a 9 x 13 baker!)

I'm happy to report that all's well that ends well. Although I had been afraid that the size of the squash was going to compromise it's tenderness, I was wrong. The dinner was delicious, and even Emma didn't seem to miss Marble too much once she tasted his squashy goodness.


Brittany said...

I feel silly asking this after my last comment...but can I have this recipe?!?!?! I have never seen such boats :)

Chef Mama said...

OH, I'd like this recipe, too! After all, they ARE for sharing!

Wow, those are some big squash! Please e-mail me about this new co-op!

And sometime, I must tell you about chippy, the broken little bit of a tortilla chip and the tired Aspie girl who loved it so. Until she ate it, that is.

Shelley Roberts said...

I was thinking the same thing as Brittany commented! You said you don't mind sharing recipes??!!! I do abide by rule #2!

Chelsea said...

I want to know more about this produce co-op! Can you email me?

Susan said...

I would so love a co-op here! I've tried several times to start one up and can't get any interest. I can do it with my Sister-in-law's group, but that means a 2 hour drive to get my stuff! So for now, I'm stuck with HEB, or health food store (WAY over priced!) and the small organic grocery store at a local religious community. Any ideas you can share about getting one started would be great, the one you're participating in sounds great! Who are you buying from?

Stephanie said...

Ladies, Kim C. at Life in a Shoe started this one for us. She went downtown to River City Produce, which is open to buy from as long as you buy in their HUGE quantities! So it helps to have a large group to go in together.

She got a list of items/prices and made it available to our church & other friends. Then, each time they're going, she sends out an interactive spreadsheet (see her blog for details on this). We get to fill in our orders and change them as much as we want up until the designated time. Then, she and Jenny go pick up the requested produce, bring it back to our designated pick-up location, and their kids separate it all out. By the time we go get it, it's sorted and our total is ready!

Lori and Chelsea, I'll see if you guys can join, and if so, we may consider rotating picking up each other's loads since we live fairly near one another.

Erik, Cathryn, Grace & Dixie said...

Garfield has the funniest look on his face- like he might eat his sister and not the veggies! Thanks for the good laugh. Your kids are a hoot. Wish I got to see them all the time (and you too!).

the mccann clan said...

Hey Stephanie - I love zuchinni, and this dish looks de-lish! Would you mind sharing the recipe with me too? After so many requests for this recipe, you should probably just post it on your blog! ;o) My e-mail is, if you'd rather share that way. Thanks a bunch!