Thursday, July 24, 2008

Straaange things are happenin'---a morning update

I'm not quite sure what's going on, but I like this new leaf that's been turned over in my life.

Since this whole "get up early" kick started last week, I've been up before my kids every day. I've made exercising a priority, sometimes going before hubby leaves for work, and sometimes going at another time of day. It's unbelieveable how the daily exercise and early rising has helped my attitude and energy. I think I'm developing a very useful addiction to endorphins! And my kids, especially my oldest, seem to really enjoy the change. I know she loves waking up to an alert Mommy.

So what brought all this about in the life of a complete sleep-loving night owl? Well, I suppose it's confession time. I'm just being honest here, people. It was due to a combination of things:

*First of all, I've prayed for years (on and off) that the Lord would make me a morning person. Seriously. Up to this point, He hasn't answered that prayer with an "ok". But I always felt that morning people were somehow more productive and self-disciplined. (And I'm allowed to say that because I'm not one.) Perhaps now He's allowing me to see what I've been missing out on.

*I was getting lazy. Unmotivated. Grouchily rolling out of bed at 9:30 or 10:00 a.m., still feeling sleepy and resentful towards my kids in the morning. (See? I warned you it was confession time!) I hated this about myself.

*My clothes weren't fitting, plain and simple. For someone who *rarely* buys clothes due to generous family and friends who give me hand-me-downs, it's not a good financial move to outgrow my kind donors. :)

*I have this annoying, chronic pain in my leg/hip/Sciatic area that has plagued me for a little over a year. It prevents me from being able to be in a laying down position. Once I'm asleep, it's fine, but I can't just recline without hurting. It seems to be less noticable when I'm regularly exercising, which is huge motivation.

*Like I've mentioned before, I spent most of my days feeling like I was playing catch-up all day, being two steps behind my kids. I really wanted to be more proactive.

*Guilt. Even though my daughter's only 5, she's made it obvious that she doesn't like trying to drag me out of bed. (Who would?) Some evenings when she was going to bed she'd say things like, "Mommy, I hope you don't sleep so late tomorrow morning like you did today." Ouch. The kid doesn't even know how to tell time, so she's only basing those statements on my waking time in relation to hers.

*Another confession: I realized that part of my wanting to sleep late was due to being in a slump. I think I subconciously didn't want my days to be any longer than they had to be. I usually felt overwhelmed in the mornings, so I was putting them off as long as possible. Not good.

*Two weekends ago I read this post on a friend's blog. Then, I went to a meeting where she and some other ladies were singing the praises of waking early to exercise and read their Bible, and it was enough motivation to be a catalyst for me. That next morning is when this all started. Thank you, H.O.P.E. ladies!

I suppose the jury's still out as to how long this will last. I know there will be seasons of life where getting up at 6:00 to exercise or read will simply not be possible. But for now, I'm loving the realization that if I can just get my feet on the floor, even to sleep-walk through going to the bathroom and getting my clothes on, it's so worth it.


Ashley said...

That is awesome! We share the same "confessions". I started working at 8:00am so that it would make me get up (it hurts!). I am contemplating getting up at 6:00am when school starts back so I can exercise, read my Bible, etc. It is amazing how much more you get done, and how much more patient you are with the kids! Why can't I remember that when the alarm goes off then????

Mother Hen said...

Funny how contagious ideas like this can ruin my day.;)
Well, I've been talkin' about doin' that too.
Guess I'll go change my alarm and get on the band-wagon.

Tami said...

Confession time for me too - the baby has decided to revert to not sleeping through the night anymore, so I have not been able to get up early for a week or so. Hopefully she'll get out of this phase soon so I can get back to it!

Lora said...

Confessions are good for the soul! Mine is that I STILL do not get up early! I am up between 7-8 every morning but then my kids are up between 6:30-7:30 so I am always behind. Thank goodness I have a husband who greets the kids in the morning cause my grunts and groans aren't adequate!

Sarah and Jeb said...

I'm so proud of you! I know it's hard to make such a big change in your life but I know you will reap the benifits! you go girl!

Amanda Evans said...

Thanks for the inspiration! The world in the morning is too beautiful of a thing to miss out on!

Mother Hen said...

You are getting tagged! Come over to tomorrow and see what you're in for! :D

Chef Mama said...

Oh, dear, it's been nearly 2 weeks since Stephanie posted. I think exercise has done her in! SEE! I KNEW it was bad for you!