Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday, Emma!

This beautiful little girl is our firstborn, Emma. Six years ago today, she officially made me a mother, and she's been a blessing to us ever since.

Emma's personality is quite different from mine, which caught me off guard at times during her first few years. I think most mommies assume that they will see a little mini-me in their daughter. But the more I come to learn of who God made her, the more I appreciate and enjoy her as a person, often because of how different we are. She's a delight to be around, and I tell her regularly that I could not be without her, for more reasons than one!

She is an animal lover, and I can't express what an understatement that is. It would be more appropriate to say that her world revolves around dogs and horses. But pretty much any animal will do in a pinch. She's good with them, unafraid and seemingly a natural at things like feeding and caring for them. And they sense it in her and gravitate toward her. I see animal husbandry of some sort in her future.

She also loves singing, being read to, playing outside in our yard, riding her bike or scooter, drawing, stuffed animals, meticulously tucking things in, having "girls' day out" with me, spending time with all of her grandparents, hot chocolate, baking with me, helping her Daddy in the yard, the zoo, Sea World, giggling with her brother for hours at night when they're supposed to be sleeping, Play-doh, Family Movie Night, swimming, doing gymnastics, and running very fast.

She dislikes: clothing on stuffed animals, ultra-girly things like brushing hair, going to any type of doctor, and bugs of all shapes and sizes (except roly polies).

Emma's our "old soul", who takes things quite seriously and thinks about things beyond her years, with a vocabulary to match. But she's also quite the little girl, carefree and playful and loving her own imaginary world. And she insists that she doesn't want to get married because she wants to live with "her best Mommy and Daddy" forever. We'll take it! :)

We love you, Emma, and are so blessed to have you for our little girl.


We'll be doing more celebrating this week as grandparents join us for Thanksgiving, but this past weekend we did do a few fun things.

Our kids were invited to a Build-a-Bear party. Here they are bathing their new friends:

Then we let them play on some of the rides. Would you believe I've gotten away with never putting money in these machines for all these years? I'd just let my kids sit on them, and have them get their thrills by pretending that the bull was riding, or the car was driving. I know...mean mommy. This seemed like a worthy occassion for blowing our cover, though. ;)

Here's Emma on her first carousel ride:

And here's her sister looking quite stunned by the experience (she actually loved it but I caught her by surprise):

Their brother opted for the wilder motorcycle ride:

More birthday and Thanksgiving fun to come!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Hurley,

Those are beautiful pix of the kids. I had a horse something like that one, but about 15% that size... when I was Emma's age.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving with the whole clan!


Stephanie said...

By way of explanation:

I made the mistake of telling my father that we'd encoutered a little girl by the name of Hurley, and remarked that considering the nature of my pregnancies, I could never name my child anything with the word "hurl" in it.

Now he seems to think that he misnamed me, and that if I don't look into legally changing my name, it will at least serve as a handy nickname. Oi, vey! ;)

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

A very lovely tribute.

And the carousel? Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! How very clever you've been! Ah ha ha are *so* going to regret giving up that cover.

And your dad calling you Hurley? Oh for cryin' out loud! I'm laughing as long as you are, Stephanie. :)

Krista Michelle said...

Stephanie! Emma is beautiful, as well as the rest of your family! She sounds like a joy :) I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Sarah and Jeb said...

what a sweet post! how lucky she is to have you as a mother!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Emma! I can really relate to the part about expecting a "mini-me" with your first daughter and being surprised when that is not the case - but then you end up loving those differences.

I can't believe you made it this long without putting money in the carousel machine! I now have a goal to make it that long with Elena. :)