Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Easing back into bloggy world

You thought you were rid of me, huh? Well, it's not THAT easy! I just come and go on the blogosphere in spurts, like everything else in my life. C'mon, you should know that by now.

So anyway, starting off with a quick little post is always a good way to break myself back into the habit.

The other day the kids were feeling cooped up in the house, so I sent them out back to play. They'd not been out there ten minutes before deciding to lug our kennel to the porch, and play this little game:

At some points, they were all three in there, seemingly having a very important conference about something or another:

I guess being cooped up isn't all that bad if it's voluntary. And to think, I worry about their room being too small. Ha!

(Saaay...I DO like to blog, Sam I Am! More than I like green eggs and ham!
And I would blog up in a tree, so long as my children let me be.
And I will blog both day and night, and I will blog whilst offspring fight.
While they sleep, while they eat, I will blog---oh, what a treat!
And I will blog and ignore my doggy, I will blog while laundry's soggy.
Family can feed themselves, I'm sure, 'cause blogging really is the cure!
I WILL blog now, Sam, you see! As soon as these children will let me be.)


Anonymous said...

You have an award over on my blog. Stop by and pick it up! Thank you for being a friend and encourager!

Cathryn said...

You are so clever, Stephanie! You know, I had this great little rhyme all written up in my head at 3am the other morning. I almost wrote it down, but thought "Nah, I'll remember this stroke of genius!" Alas, that day I could not remember one word...