Saturday, January 19, 2013

Elizabeth's 6th birthday--Tea Party Style

"Mommy, how many more days until my boathday NOW?" I've heard that question countless times over the last month. This child started counting down to her birthday way earlier than she should've, which made the wait almost interminable for her. We discussed her plans, her gift requests, her updated gift requests, her altered gift requests, her food requests, and her gift requests again. She hyperventilated a little each time she had thoughts of what it would be like to be living her birthday, and her blue eyes just sparkled at the idea of it all.

Talk about pressure for a mom. We like to keep things fairly simple, although we do like to make a big deal out of our kids' birthdays. (I think some of that comes from feeling that in a big-ish family, it's a good chance to focus on just one child at a time, and give them extra love and attention.) Thankfully, without much convincing from us, our kids have chosen family celebrations over big birthday parties with lots of guests involved. I prefer that, because then I get to actually spend my time with my birthday child, rather than handling the details involved with hosting a big party. (I tend to get a little stressed with those sorts of things. I already know my children's weddings are going to send me over the edge.)

So I hope today wasn't a let-down for Elizabeth. I really don't know if anything could've lived up to the expectations I'm guessing she had, but she's a sweet little spirit, and she seemed happy. I think just the fact that her sister made her bed for her this morning was enough to make her day!

Elizabeth is our quietest child, and frankly, she's just stinkin' lovable and easy to be around. She constantly professes her love and shows affection, she is easily pleased, and she is generally very agreeable. She loves her stuffed animals (particularly "Pips" the hamster---short for "Pipsqueak"), doing arts and crafts, being read to, and the color yellow. She is not afraid of much, and there have been times her older siblings have called on her to handle something they're not brave enough to deal with (like squishing a bug). She is compassionate, and has always been very conscientious for her age. She was born almost 2 weeks late, and hasn't sped up since. She is also the one who says that if she has to grow up and get married, she promises she will either live with us, or next door to us. I'd love for that to happen.

Today was all about her. Emma Catherine did her chores for her, she opened presents, we had her requested breakfast (orange danish rolls and eggs), and then we finished preparing for her tea party. I say "finished preparing", because the majority of yesterday was spent getting things ready for her tea party, as well. (By the way, if any of your children ever decide that penguin cake pops would be a great idea, I urge you to convince them otherwise, unless you happen to have a week to spare.)

The tea party was fun, although the male-folk crashed it a bit by discussing guns at the table. Apparently they weren't very well-versed in tea party etiquette. Grandmother and Grandfather spent most of the day with us, which included watching a movie together and having dinner at Whataburger.

By the end of the day, we were all so tired and sugared-up that we didn't even bother with cake and ice cream! (Something to look forward to tomorrow.) But you can't have a birthday without blowing out candles, so we made do.

Lord, thank you for our sweet middle child. Thank you for the joy she adds to our lives, and the calm presence she offers. Thank you for her sweet character, her thoughtfulness toward others, and her love for her siblings and parents. Father, please continue to draw her heart toward You, and may she grow to be a faithful woman of God, a loving wife, and a devoted mother.

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Michelle B. said...

I am so happy you are blogging again. It is nice to hear updates about what is going on in your family. I can't believe how much they are all growing up. I miss you guys so much. At least through here I can keep up at least a little bit.