Thursday, September 15, 2005

Baby mostly sleeps

Garfield's swing--if he's not with Mommy you can usually find him here. In this rare shot, you can actually see his eyes.

The sleep of the innocent. Luckily he's a heavy sleeper, because he has that great "new baby" smell, so you just can't help but kiss him every time you walk past.

Emma is learning to be a good big sister, this is her and "baby wormie" rocking Garfield. In case you were wondering what she is pointing at, she's not pointing at anything. Rather, she is having "baby wormie" (her imaginary friend/worm/finger) smile for the camera.

These are Emma's star glasses. The picture is cute, but what you really need to see is the dance that goes along with the shades.


Grandma Sam said...

Miss Emma is way too cute in her star sunglasses. This is a great picture. Love Grandma Sam

Kim C. said...

Our girls got a huge laugh out of Emma's baby wormie. How precious!