Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Napping on Big Puppy

Baby Garfield discovers one of the comfiest spots in the living room--Big Puppy. Big Puppy was a gift to Emma from Grandma Sam. He's still a favorite family napping spot and a pretty good landing pad for Emma's flying leaps.


Grandma Sam said...

This is a wonderful picture. As they all are. Glad to see that Bib Puppy is still so popular. Love Grandma Sam

The Little Judisches said...

Yay! We can leave comments now! I am loving seeing pictures of you all and especially the little guy that I haven't met yet. I will be there soon! He is so precious. I am sure that you are all enjoying this special time.
Love you guys, Janice

Kristen & Dave said...

Can't wait to hold the little guy!