Friday, November 18, 2005

Life's Face-plants

It's been a very crummy week. We're having some unforseen financial difficulties, I suppose because people are too preoccupied with the upcoming holidays to be focusing on landscaping right now. A couple of huge projects that we were counting on have pretty much vaporized, which leaves us unexpectedly unemployed for the time being. Perhaps they'll materialize later, but for now, the business is taking a hit. We were anticipating a slow December and January, but we never thought things would come to a screeching halt as early as September. The timing's a little rough, what with a new baby and all. Garfield and I joke that we're going to start associating the holidays with being broke! It seems to be a pattern in our lives.

On top of all that, we're struggling with some strained relationships right now. There is much pain, and much misunderstanding. Nothing like a good new problem to distract you from your other problems. We know that God is faithful, and only He can heal us and provide for us.

The good news is, Emma didn't need to go to the E.R. when she fell today. She loves to zip around the yard chasing Maggie, and as she was weaving between the patio furniture, she took a face-plant into the concrete step leading into our house. It could've been disasterous if she'd hit her mouth or her forehead, but thankfully she kind of caught herself and only hit her nose. We succeeded in keeping her from looking in a mirror for about 6 hours, which cut down substantially on the tears. (I heard lots of "Mommy, why do I have to use the potty in the dark?") She's turning 3 on Sunday, and I know I'll be explaining the pictures for poor little Rudolph.


The Little Judisches said...

She looks so much like Garfield in this picture - not because of the red nose though :)!

Krista said...

Awww, give her a big hug for me!! And she really does look like Garfield!

Sadly, I only get to watch BMW re-runs, but it is the best show ever!

Kristen & Dave said...

Poor little Emma! Hopefully her self-image won't suffer too much from the blow. And we'll keep praying, as we have been, that God will bring an abundance of work at just the right time.

Anonymous said...
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Garfield said...
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