Thursday, November 17, 2005

So much to do...

I've been experiencing bouts of post-baby "nesting", and it's most welcomed. Our house has been in shambles for so long now that it's nice to have the energy to tackle it every now and then. My Mount Washmore pile of laundry occasionally seems manageable again, and yesterday I did that chore that simply must be done every few months---I cleaned out the "Tupperware" cabinet. (My storage containers aren't all Tupperware, but just like all my tissues aren't "Kleenex", the industry leader wins out.) I'm also slowly tackling the kids' closet; maybe if they'd quit growing so fast, I wouldn't have to change out the clothes in there so often!

Hopefully within a few weeks I'll be ready to get back on my cleaning schedule again, which was such a freeing thing--one major chore a day, which allowed time to work on extra projects. (I'd like my baby announcements to go out before Garfield's heading for college!) But I'm not quite there yet; there's still a little too much nursing going on here to commit to a schedule yet.

I will say, though, if you've ever struggled with organization, the thing to do is talk to Flylady. It's a free online service that helps you manage your cleaning, clutter, projects, and more, with tons of great ideas. A wonderful friend recommended her to me, and it changed my life and my home.

We'll see if I'm brave enough to enter the depths of the pantry tonight (shudder). It's supposed to be a walk-in, but right now it's just a lean-in!


Krista said...

Wow, Stephanie, I mean, if you were Garfield's grandma- that'd be really weird. I can only imagine the look on your host's face! That's TOO funny.

Good luck on your organization quest! Your house is always so cute, I never thought it would be unorganized. The way yo udescribed your pantry is the state of my closet right now. (The only thing the RAs don't check during room check)


I hope you're doing well :)

The Little Judisches said...

Thank you for calling me wonderful! You are pretty wonderful yourself, you know?

Anonymous said...
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