Saturday, January 14, 2006

Hotdog housework

If only I could mustard up the energy, I could go ketchup on my chores. Ah....relish the thought! But then again, maybe I'll just sit here on my buns.

(Yes, it's cheesy, but that's what you get when it's chili outside! If I were any cornier, I'd have to resort to corndog housework!)


Grandfather said...

OK, I need to know if you really did that on your own, or if you saw it somewhere else.

If the former, I am frightened. Truly frightened, at the genetic possibilities for Baby Em and my Little Spear. It's not one bit punny; corniness can truly make some people upppity. Angry, even.

I shudder at the possibilities when the Little Guy is a few years older.

Stephanie said...

Shamefully, it's an original. Just came to me the other night, as I truly was trying to find energy to clean.'s genetic. I always knew I'd feel sorry for my kids.