Friday, January 20, 2006

"Mommy, are armadillos nocturnal?"

Since a large portion of my subscribers is comprised of my childrens' grandparents, you'll forgive me as I take this opportunity to boast about my Emma. She's a riot lately. Because we've always just spoken to her like a "big person" and expected her to catch on, she talks about some things I'm not sure are typical of the average 3-year-old.

For instance, she uses words like "contrail", "privacy", and "appreciate" as part of her daily vernacular, and has for months. Her latest interest is in nocturnal animals. She knows that racoons, owls, bats, foxes, and ring-tailed cats make the cut, and she's still diligently trying to affirm whether "armor-dillos" are in fact nocturnal as well. Anyone have the scoop on that? She can also tell you that armadillos are edentates.

Who knew kids could be so entertaining? Homeschooling's going to be fun.

(Oh, and for the record, baby brother is indeed an edentate, and occasionally has nocturnal tendencies. And Mommy tends to have nocturnal leanings as well, especially when she's on a roll with cleaning out closets and such.)

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Krista said...

:)"Armor-dillos" are nocturnal. Hey, you know, Emma has something going with using the word "Armor" in "Armor-dillos". Isn't their shell their armor? Emma is very smart!