Thursday, March 09, 2006

The celebration of 34 great years

Today, March 9th, is my honey's birthday. I'm so proud of him, and all the obstacles he's overcome this past year, by the grace of God. It's been a big year for us (but then again...aren't they all?) This year seems to have had an extra serving of life changes, what with the birth of a second child, and the growing of a brand-new "from scratch" business. Through both these experiences I've gotten to see new sides of my husband that I never knew before. His ability to formulate a vision for something, and then execute it, amazes me. And his strength and calmness in pressure situations (such as being a birth coach!) is something I'm very grateful for. Just as his business has grown this year, so has his character.

Garfield, I'm so proud of you, and I love being your wife. Despite how hard you are on yourself sometimes, know that you'll always have me as a soft place to fall. I wish you a very Happy Birthday, and pray for many more to come!

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Krista said...

Happy Birthday Garfield!!