Friday, March 03, 2006

No accounting for taste (or smell)!

As we drove around town today running errands, we smelled a skunk, and I was affectionately reminded of my brother. (No, he doesn't smell that bad, at least not most of the time.) You see, any time I smell skunk, I can't help but laugh as I think of something he said a few years ago.

He was about 14 at the time, and we were all loaded up with several other youth in a 15-passenger van, heading on a ski trip. Suddenly, everyone started the usual response of "Eeeewwww...gross...bleh...skunk!", to which David replied (in utter surprise and sincerity), "THAT'S skunk?? I always kinda liked that smell!"

(Love ya, Bug!)


Krista said...

awww! that's funny!

Anonymous said...

Steph, do you remember that I like the smell of skunks and gasoline, too?