Friday, May 12, 2006

In a Vacuum

I never thought I'd say this, but I can't wait to be able to vacuum normally again.

We own two vacuum cleaners--one we bought, and one was a hand-me-down--both of which are great. I should say, they were great. The idea was to not have to lug one up and down the stairs. Well, several months ago, as Murphy's Law would have it, they BOTH broke down within days of each other. I investigated into would cost a small fortune to repair, and the other just needed a new belt. So I opted for the belt replacement. I placed the small order, and was informed that it was backordered. Then, a month later, I was informed that it was still backordered. Recently, as I pleaded with the foreigners on the other end of the phone line about how I needed a working vacuum cleaner and 3 months is a ridiculously long time to wait for a belt, I was informed that they had let the warehouse know about my situation. Yes, it's a situation, all right. Crazy obsessive/compulsive woman with two children age 3 and under, and no easy way to clean her floors.

At the beginning, I joked with Garfield that I guessed I was just going to have to use the little tiny attachment part to vacuum the entire house. That was meant to be a joke. We laughed. I confess, over the past few months as I do just that, with the vacuum continually falling onto my head when I try to reach a spot more than 2 1/2 feet away, I do not laugh. In fact, I mutter less-than-kind things to my vacuum cleaner. It then proceeds to continue to whack me on the head. Crawling all over the house on my hands and knees, sweating, in a two-story house, using that little tiny part that I thought was merely for decoration, is not fun.

But I'll tell you what is fun...the fact that I'm now going to be ever-so-grateful to actually stand up, and walk around, pushing a normal vacuum cleaner around my house. I will do so with joy and thankfulness, grateful that I have carpet to clean, and babies to dirty that carpet, and no one whacking me on the head while I perform this "chore"...(well, that last part is yet to be determined, I suppose).

And in the meantime, if you come over, please just don't look down. I promise, it's a scary view.


michelle said...

At least it is only 2 children not 6. We have had to replace out vacuum cleaner every couple of years as they just don't clean the floors anymore.

Tamber said...

You have such a great way of telling simple stories. I can't wait to be able to vacuum without a baby on my hip. B is SO SCARED of the vacuum cleaner. My floors don't get cleaned as often as I would like, so don't look down at mine if you come over!

Stephanie said...

Yes, Tamber, I hear stories all the time of people who use(d) a vacuum cleaner to lull their babies to sleep...I wish! Garfield cries the entire time, if he's awake (the little G, not the big one!). I can only tell he's crying by looking at him, since he's drowned out by the noise, so he's just sitting in his swing making a pitiful little face with a huge, screaming mouth.

Tamber said...

They have invented all sorts of vacuum cleaners: ones that clean more efficiently, are lightweight and portable, are good for your lungs, etc.; but they have not made the SILENT vacuum cleaner. I wonder why that is? B also gets drowned out by the noise and I just can't stand to see that scared, pitiful little face begging me to do something about that awful noise and machine.

Chelsea said...

Has it occurred to you to ask a friend to borrow her vacuum? I'd happily loan you mine for a day or two of carpet bliss!