Tuesday, August 22, 2006

5 Things

Ok, I've now been double tagged by both Chelsea and Kim C. to make this list, so I'll oblige. It's funny how if you're "tagged" you sort of feel like you've received an invitation and need to accept.

5 Things in my Freezer:
-Popsicles of various varieties

-A couple of Blue Bell half gallons...a must for pregnancy during a Texas summer

-several meals from dear friends at church who came to our rescue during morning sickness time

-frosty mugs

-I think there's still a ziploc containing shark that my brother caught, and we had no idea how to prepare

5 Things in my Closet:
-photo albums (if you leave them alone in the dark they multiply, you know)

-boxes of every handwritten letter I've received in the past 15 years or so (one day I'll have the hundreds from our courtship bound for posterity)

-an obscene amount of supplies for my obsessi, I mean, hobby: rubber stamping, accumulated over the past four years

-a desk, chair, window, air vent, outlet, and a light, which combined make it the perfect crafty nook

-skeletons (well they say everyone has them, right?)

5 Things in my Car(I'd make Flylady weep right now)

-at least one stroller

-my makeup bag, since I apply makeup in the car 99% of the time (a dangerous habit I need to quit)

-a large pile of Goldfish crackers that got spilled, stepped on, munched, stepped on again...

-two carseats, now scooted together to make room for a third, come January

-plasticware from restaurants stored in the glove compartment

5 Things in my Purse:(did a thief come up with this list idea to decide who to put on the hit list?)

-a hot pink wallet with the usual, and always less than $10 cash

-mini packages of chocolate, such as M&M's and Snickers (hands off, Thief!)

-a cell phone

-a picture of my kids

-dirty, out-of-fashion, cheap sunglasses

5 Things in my Diaper Bag:
-a Ziploc of Cheerios

-antibacterial gel from Bath & Body Works in yummy Juniper Breeze scent

-the obvious: diapers, wipes, and a changing pad...all of which took me having a second child to remember to restock on a regular basis

-some quiet toys and crayons for church (actually, the crayons are always quiet...wonder if that means they're up to no good)

-a baby brush and a bottle of teething tabs

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Sanders said...

I had the same thought about my purse - is someone out to figure out what to take? I busted up laughing when I read that in your post. Great sense of humor!

Krista said...

Steph! I hope you're doing fantabulous! (I think that is a made up word ;)