Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mountain climbing

See those specks on the sides of those cliffs? That's my husband. He's a rock climber. Correction: he was a rock climber. (Click on the top picture to enlarge it if you can't see's kinda like a "Where's Waldo" picture.) Ever since marrying me he's lovingly sworn off all death-defying activities. Must have something to do with having kiddos that depend on you.

In college I tried a couple of rock gym climbs, and I'll admit, they were fun. But over the past few years the most climbing I've done is up my stairs...alot...usually carrying either a basket of laundry, or a child, or both.

However, I've read and heard people say that when you're pregnant, it's as physically demanding on your body as though you were climbing a mountain. I believe it. Why else would I be wishing I were sleeping a vast majority of my day? And that's after collapsing in bed by 10:30! Yes, if you knew me pre-baby, you know that's odd. My bedtime used to be well after midnight on a regular basis.

Ah, that rested feeling. I remember it---really I do. Or at least I tell myself that so I can convince myself that it wasn't all in my imagination. Forming limbs, organs, a brain, muscle, and whatnot sure does zap alot of resources. Imagine that. I hope my Sherpa's feeling up to the rest of this climb...there's still a ways to go 'til I reach the top of this "mountain".

But then I'll give birth and have a newborn, at which point I'll surely catch up on all that restfulness I'm missing out on...right? ;)


Amy Hofman said...

I would think that being preggo and having a baby tops all those other "death - defying" activities. . . yep, I think it wins :)

I also love that you just changed your ticker to pink :) I can't wait for her to be born! (And yo probably the most of all of us!) :)

Erik, Cathryn, Grace & Dixie said...

Every once and a while I think back longingly to the Saturday before I gave birth to Grace. I think we slept in until 10am. That is now about the time that Grace is having "lunch" and I'm ready for a nap! :)

Keep on climbing that mountain. I think the worst is behind you (oh yeah, there is giving birth... but you proved to be a whiz at that!).