Tuesday, September 19, 2006

There's a new man in my life

He's got me addicted to him. I can't seem to get enough of reading his writing or listening to his words of wisdom.

But don't worry. My husband's addicted to him, too.

Yes, as I mentioned earlier, we are fully sold on Dave Ramsey. You've probably heard of him, you may even owe him your financial peace, but we've only recently gotten completely on board with his advice. I think the thing that started it all was about a month or so ago when Garfield told me that his talk radio show was on from 1-4 in the afternoons (on 550 am for those of you here in the SA area). Hmmm...naptime falls in that slot, thinks me. Hubby and I both began listening on a regular basis, which led to parusing his website, which led to buying his Total Money Makeover book and Financial Peace personal planning software, which is now leading to us finally feeling like we're making progress.

He's not a get-rich-quick type of guy. Rather, he's a work-crazy-hard-for-awhile-because-it's-worth-it advocate. I've always hated, loathed, abhored having debt (am I being fuzzy on the issue?), and I think I was doing a fairly good job tackling it. But I've learned alot from good ol' Dave, and there are definitely some things we've started changing.

I now know exactly (to the penny) how much our total debt is, how much we're paying toward it each month, which month we'll be out of debt if we stay on this track, and how to prioritize which debt to pay off first. It's beautiful.

The best part it, Garfield and I are now attacking this with equal zeal. Before, I thought we were on the same page, but it wasn't until talking about specifics and formulating a plan based on the proper motivation that I realized we're so much more effective hitting this Behemoth together. Die, debt fiend, die!


Chelsea said...

Good girl! Freedom from debt is the second greatest freedom ever (the first being freedom in Christ, of course). We're scheduled to make our last mortgage one month before Kendra starts college. We're hoping the grandparents will help with college so we will be able to enjoy 100% debt-free living!

Amy Hofman said...

We love Dave Ramsey too! God bless that wise man!

Kim C. said...

We love Dave too - we have a couple of his books you can borrow. Borrowing lets you put the money that would have been spent on books into paying off debt instead.
That's why we always borrow *your* books.
BTW, isn't it ironic that you have to pay for Dave's books so he can tell you to quit spending and pay off your debt? His foreword should tell readers like us to quit buying books.

Stephanie said...

Yes, Chelsea, I've told Garfield for years that the day we're out of debt will rank right up there after our wedding day and the days I gave birth! Until then, we are slaves to our creditors.

And Kim, I'd love to borrow other books. We bought these two items during his Labor Day sale, when everything was $10, and let me tell you, I'm sure it payed for itself in day 1. I do like that he doesn't allow you to pay for any of his items on credit card. I think he tries to walk his talk as much as possible.

Shelley Roberts said...

Steph, another great radio personality that deals with this subject is Clark Howard (www.clarkhoward.com). Based out of Atlanta, I listened to him all the time when we lived there. He has lots of useful tips on credit, saving money, college savings, scams, etc.

Kim said...

One time someone wrote in to Dave and asked where the best place to buy one of his books cheaply was. Dave said "if I were you, I would get it at the library" :-) That's why I asked for the books for Christmas last year! Only 8 more days until we make the last payment on the student loan!!! Then we'll be debt free!