Thursday, December 14, 2006

100th Post

Blogger keeps track of your number of posts (I'm not THAT psychotic!), so I happen to know this is my 100th! I've seen several of you make a list of 100 things about you for your special post, and since I enjoy reading them so much, I've decided to inflict you all with one of my own. It's hard to know how to start, so I'm going to begin with the painfully obvious just to get myself rolling, and proceed in absolutely random order after that:

1. I'm a Christian, wife, and mother.
2. I'm from Laredo, Texas, which is on Mexico's border.
3. I'm 28 years old.
4. I've been married for 6 1/2 years, and I married WAY out of my league.
5. I don't recall ever having any other "career" ambitions other than to be a mommy. (Oh, wait...I really wanted to be a Marine Biologist for awhile, but not more than I wanted to be a mommy.)
6. Baylor's my alma mater, where I received a BBA in Marketing.
7. I was there on full academic scholarship, probably only because I called the scholarship lady at least once a day to ask about my status. Pity can get you places.
8. Meeting my life's love and some of my best friends made college one of the sweetest times of life so far.
9. I like to cook, esp. when I'm not pregnant or post-partum.
10. Rubber stamping has become an addictive habit in my life.
11. I'm obsessive-compulsive, but not in a good way.
12. I wish I were far more organized.
13. I'm a recovering procrastinator.
14. I think I could live on fresh fruit, as could my mother and daughter.
15. I've played the piano since I was 5, but didn't really enjoy playing for church services--makes me too nervous.
16. I'm a certified scuba diver, and love it, but just about have full-blown panic attacks every time I'm about to dive.
17. I will never, never be considered a dare-devil.
18. I love the smell of coffee and the taste of coffee-flavored foods, but I don't drink regular coffee. (I don't consider things like Starbucks mochas to be "real" coffee...that's called "fru-fru coffee", which I love.)
19. I've been deathly afraid of enduring childbirth since about the 7th grade.
20. Which is why it was such a feat to have a drug-free labor last time.
21. I get ridiculously sick during the first third of my pregnancies.
22. I've gotten to tell my hubby I'm pregnant 5 different times, all in different ways.
23. This will be my third full-term child, with 2 in heaven.
24. I'm much more of a night owl than an early bird.
25. I spent way too many years wishing I were an early bird, and then finally accepted the reality that it'll most likely never happen.
26. I've become more organized and punctual with each child I've had.
27. I belong to an amazing little church, where we consider our fellow members as extended family.
28. I've gone to MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) for several years.
29. This is my second year serving on MOPS steering committee, first as Publicity, and now as Hospitality.
30. I love places that get to experience all four seasons.
31. I've lived in Laredo, Austin, Colorado, Massachusetts, Waco, and San Antonio.
32. I never had allergies until I started living in San Antonio.
33. I love staying in hotels, especially if it's just hubby and me.
34. I used to be a ballerina, until my parents made me choose between ballet and piano. I know I made the right choice.
35. Two strangers that have influenced my thinking very much in the past few years are Flylady and Dave Ramsey.
36. I want to have a big family.
37. There are days I think I'm nuts for wanting a big family.
38. But I'm done trying to play God in that area.
39. I've played the role of Mary in 2 Christmas pageants before, and I wonder why I wasn't asked this year, when I wouldn't even need a fake belly.
40. In high school I was on a girl's soccer team for a short while, where my coach used to reprimand me in Spanish for how often I apologized to my teammates and/or opponents.
41. In case the above doesn't clear it up, I've never been too athletic.
42. I do, however, like to ski, and can do "blues" on a brave day. ;)
43. The first time I went on a ski trip with Garfield, I ran into a blind skiier.
44. I'll never live that one down.
45. I love Classical and Sacred music.
46. I'll eat just about anything that won't eat me first.
47. Socks bother me. Not if they're innocently in the drawer, but if they're on my feet.
48. I've never dyed, permed, or otherwise shed my hair's innocence.
49. I once dressed up as a gorilla and danced in front of a large crowd.
50. I love to fish, but I don't think I could handle hunting.
51. I grew up having special dates with my Dad at IHOP, even on my wedding day.
52. Making up silly poems and jingles comes naturally to me.
53. In high school, I got three traffic violations in a week 1/2 time span.
54. I was able to get out of paying all three.
55. My mom passed on her frugality gene to me.
56. One day I'd like to travel to far more places than I've been so far.
57. Good family vacations will always be more important to me than nice vehicles, houses, or jewelry.
58. The biggest area of spiritual growth I've experienced in the past few years has been trusting far more in God's sovereignty.
59. I don't like collecting things just for the sake of collecting.
60. I don't like knick-knacks.
61. You can convince me to do just about anything by giving me a good massage or brushing my hair.
62. I can't wait until my children are old enough to try and use that against me.
63. I wish I could bottle the sound of my childrens' belly laughs, to be heard at any time. They never fail to put a smile on my face.
64. My closet is full of way too much scrapbooking and rubber stamping equipment, esp. in comparison to how often I actually get to do these things.
65. The job I've held the longest was being a Pampered Chef consultant/director for four years.
66. I've never really liked shopping, especially at malls.
67. I can appreciate well-done landscaping, but I don't garden myself.
68. Knowing Garfield has made me a far less uptight person over the past 9 years.
69. Still, I thrive on the predictable: traditions, schedules, routines.
70. That said, I'd love to do something spontaneous with you...just give me plenty of advance notice.
71. An excellent meal at home, alone with my husband, complete with candlelight, wine, and nice music, is my idea of an exceptional evening.
72. When I was little, I was extremely shy, but then I traded that in for confidence and silliness later on.
73. My silly side still emerges on quite a regular basis.
74. Playing board games makes me happy.
75. It amazes me that since having kids, the days seem so much longer, yet the months and years seem so much shorter.
76. I'm very surprise-oriented in the sense that I like to surprise others, but I've realized I don't much care to be surprised myself.
77. I love to read, but don't make enough time for it these days.
78. God has blessed me abundantly; you could say I've lived a "charmed" life.
79. I love silence.
80. Radio chatter (commercials) and background noise drive me bonkers.
81. You can tell I'm nervous and/or stressed if the backs of my hands are itchy.
82. Tropical beaches, or snow-capped's all great to me.
83. Being a mother makes me realize how inadequate I am, therefore how much I need to rely on God's strength.
84. I've only recently realized how much I enjoy writing.
85. I need to be more self-disciplined and less controlling of others.
86. My birthstone is an emerald, but my favorite stone is a deep navy sapphire.
87. I've only tried getting a pedicure once in my life, but begged the lady not to finish because it tickled way too much.
88. Calvin and Hobbes has always been, and will always be, my favorite comic.
89. I'm not into tv, and currently don't watch anything on a regular basis.
90. My dad is one of 10 children, and my mom one of 5, so I have oodles of cousins.
91. I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, in part because it's the least commercialized and can be celebrated in a distinctly Christian way.
92. I love big, hot breakfasts, especially if someone else did the cooking.
93. Relationships with family and friends mean the world to me, but I don't always do a good job showing it.
94. I'm a pretty private person, keeping many more of my thoughts to myself than what I actually verbalize.
95. If I can keep my husband content, and my children grow up to be godly, I will consider my life to be a worthwhile success.
96. I'm very detail-oriented, but often have trouble seeing the big picture.
97. I enjoy visiting big cities (I think Chicago is my favorite), but much prefer to live a simple life.
98. I'm not really a moody person.
99. I figured it would be quite easy to talk about myself, but
100. This post took me three sittings to complete.

There you have it! Anything you didn't already know? I'd love to read your List of 100 someday...


Krista said...

:) I loved reading more about you, Steph!
Regarding number 10, my mom and I LOVED your Christmas card. She loved it even more when I told her you made it yourself ;)
And I didn't know you could ski blues!! That is awesome! (I AM a dare devil, but I don't think I could do that)
Oh, and socks bother me too. I own way too many flip flops :)
Love you!!

Granny said...

What a GREAT list! I loved every item and learned a lot about you. (Some didn't surprise me, like the fact that since 7th grade you've had a fear of.... ;-) )

Oh, and from now on, I'll be watching the backs of your hands!

Clarisa said...

What a fun read before I get to work this morning- thanks! Hope it works out to see you VERY soon!

Candace said...

That was great, Steph! I learned SO much about you! Thank you for sharing YOU with US! Love ya!

michelle said...

I loved reading your list of a 100. You said radio and tv background noise drives you crazy. I must have that noise when no one else is up. I can't stand complete quite when I am working on something and the children are sleeping.
Congratulations on your 100th post.

Sanders said...

It was fun reading about you and I felt like I really got to know you. About writing, you really do have a way with words and making it really feel like a conversation without being wordy or boring - I always look forward to your posts. Blessings.

Kim C. said...

I'm cracking up over the blind skier and the gorilla dance! Thanks for a good laugh this morning!
And the rubber-stamping: yes, the girls and I oohed and aahed over your beautiful card.
Loved the peek inside your head and your life. Thanks for taking time to do this!

Amy Hofman said...

Wow, great list! - Its fun learning a little more about you Steph!

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Chelsea said...

I want to hear the stories behind the blind skiier and the gorilla suit, too! Very entertaining and informative post.