Saturday, December 30, 2006

You know you're on (at least) your 3rd pregnancy when...

* Your closet is divided into 3 sections: winter, summer, and maternity...and the maternity section is larger than the other two combined!

* Your maternity clothes are cuter and more stylish than the "regular" ones, since that's what you spend the most time in.

* You've gotten used to turning sideways any time you're doing something up against a countertop, otherwise you can't reach without lots of bending.

* You're mind has finally accepted the fact that turning sideways is no longer helpful for fitting through tight're better off just wedging your way forward.

* Waddling has probably permanantly replaced walking.

* You've long ago memorized your pregnancy workout video, which your husband affectionately refers to as "The Dancing Pods", because it's the one most often used.

* You stumble upon photos from pre-baby days, and are actually astounded to see that you once had a figure...that included a waistline!

* You've put in a request to your husband early on to either start installing an elevator in your home, or plan to move you to a one-story if he intends to have more children.

* There's a constantly clear path from your side of the bed to the bathroom, and you've forgotten what it's like to sleep through the night without treading that path at least once.

* Your feet are basically foreign objects that you can no longer picture in your mind.

* At family gatherings, your cousin exclaims "Every time I see you, you're pregnant!"...and your husband feigns surprise as he agrees, "Me too!"


Amy Hofman said...

That's cute :) As we were coming home from a wedding in Austin today, I actually was thinking about you and all those stairs that you have to climb!
How are you doing? I am so excited that you are almost there!!! I will see you tomorrow!

Krista said...

Aww, that is cute! :) Only about a week left! That's exciting! :)

Charlotte's Web WAS good! :) I really enjoyed it- it even made me cry at the end!!

Sanders said...

Only 4 days to go!!! Is the baby ready yet?