Friday, April 13, 2007

Emmalocks and the Three Bunnies

Once upon a time, not so long ago and not that far away, there lived a beautiful little girl named Emmalocks. She happily spent her days playing with and loving on (a.k.a. "harrassing") her poor dog, Maggie. But one day, she decided that if having one pet was a good thing, then having another pet would be even better, so she set off to find one.

She had recently heard the story of the Legendary Easter Bunny, and thought he sounded quite nice. After all, how many pets do you know of that play "the hiding game" with you for a living, and that usually stock you up with a lifetime supply of sugar at that?! Yes, the Easter Bunny was sure to be the ideal pet. Now if only she knew where to find him...

She ventured off, determined to discover his whereabouts. First, she checked the obvious place: her own room, which was shared with her brother. Hmmm...would there be any bunnies in there that she hadn't previously noticed? Aha! Lurking over in the corner, there was in fact a bunny. But he was a bit too large. Cute, but he'd be cumbersome on a leash.

So Emmalocks continued her search. The kitchen proved to be bunny-less, so she ventured into other rooms of the house, determined to find herself an Easter Bunny. After all, she hadn't done an egg hunt in almost 12 whole minutes, and she needed her fix! So she thought to herself, "If I were an Easter Bunny, where would I be hiding?" And immediately she came up with a logical answer. The bassinet! Of course! It was cozy, warm, dark...the perfect nest for a bunny.

And sure enough, she was right. There was a bunny in there! Only, after some smooching and examination, Emmalocks realized that this little bunny was all wrong. She was too tiny to be of much service. She couldn't hop or even crawl, so egg hunts were out of the question. And she had no teeth and only drank milk, so she probably wasn't a big fan of chocolate. No, this bunny would never do.

Well, Emmalocks was becoming a bit desperate. So she checked the last place she could think of: her grandparents' house. Could there be a bunny there? The odds were slim, but it was worth a shot.
Lo and behold, there were bunnies at her grandparents' house! Only these bunnies seemed to have been a bit silly. Perhaps they had eaten some poisoned carrots? They sure were good sports about playing fun games, though.

No, she'd better not mess with these bunnies, lest they bite her and she catch their silliness.

So, with a very sad outlook, Emmalocks headed back to her own house. "I guess I'll never find myself an Easter Bunny for a pet", she thought to herself. So she gave up the search and went to rest in the living room.

But what should she find there but the perfect pet bunny! Could it be true? Was this bunny really hers to keep?

Indeed, it was! Her parents must have had a momentary lapse in judgment, because they agreed to let her Uncle Bug give her this little bunny to keep. And she would name it Daisy, and she would love it, and pet it, and overfeed it, and it would overeat, and overpoop, and chew through her mommy's new vacuum cord.

So Emmalocks and Daisy the Easter Bunny lived happily ever least until Daddy gets a hankerin' for rabbit stew.


Candace said...

Too, too funny! What a cute bunny. Yes, we also had a momentary lapse in judgement when we decided to get a dog. Sheesh!

Sarah Meche said...

Ahhhh, sooo cute! I love this story! I hope we can see you soon!

Shelley Roberts said...

So when is the book coming out??! LOL!