Thursday, April 19, 2007

Have you ever been so tired...

...that when you woke up in the morning you spent a considerable amount of time plucking at your own eyeball, only to realize that you're supposed to be putting your contact in, not taking one out? Yep, that's the kind of crazy night we had last night.

But the day only got better. Kim C. offered me the services of one of her handy dandy helpful older daughters for a day, to put to work in any which way I pleased! I suppose when you have 8 children your opportunities for service abound, and you can graciously share them with those who could use the extra set of hands.

We got alot accomplished. She helped with some cleaning and organizing, and then she kept Emma and Garfield occupied (and very happy) while I did some turbo-charged speed cleaning on my own. It's amazing how much you can do in a few hours when your kids are otherwise occupied. (Especially if one of them proudly wears the title "Destructo Boy", and scoots around like a little snowblower tearing up anything in his path.) So I feel like I can breathe again and made some big strides, and hubby is extremely happy to be able to see our carpets again. Thanks, Deanna.

And then to close out the day, I used some of my Christmas money to enjoy a wonderful 1-hour massage. Ahhhh. Feeling like a wet noodle, I drove home and arrived to a clean house, a rootbeer float, and sleeping children. Life's not so bad. ;)


Candace said...

Hail to the older children!!!!

Kristen & Dave said...

How great to have a helper for the day!