Sunday, October 07, 2007

These pitiful South Texas children

Does it make any of you other South Texas parents sad when your kids have to resort to stacking three juggling balls to proudly exclaim, "Look, Mommy...a snowman!"


Denise said...


As to your little screamer... I like her! Maybe you should lend her to me sometime so that you can get some of that quiet you like so much. :)

Chef Mama said...

Oh, Stephanie, it's not a bad thing! I know your kids aren't yet to the stage of homeschooling for this, but in a few years, you will have this homeschooling teacher's view: Kids! Let's write a story about how to make a snowman TEXAS style! Then we can build one just like you've written about in your story!

Back in the OLD days when I was a school teacher we did the writing part. Homeschooling is so much more fun! I'll have to do this with the girls soon! Since my kids lack creativity & all (ahem, cough, cough!). I guess I need to make sure they aren't climbing on the roof first.

MamaArcher said...

Oh I think that is very sad, especially since we moved from way up north with SNOW!
Just stopping by to say hello, have not been in touch for a while. Hope all is well!