Tuesday, December 04, 2007

How Sweet it is...

It was a sweet day.

It wasn't the taste, although they were delicious, indeed.

It wasn't the bakery-like appearance, although they had character, indeed.

It was the memories we made.

It was the little apron she wears when she bakes with me. It was the serious tone in my daughter's voice as she explained to her little brother, as if part of an initiation process, that licking the beater was the best part. It was the joy on his face as he discovered this to be true. It was the extra hugs I got, the extra "I love you"s, the sheer delight in their squeals. It was seeing him covered with flour, and training myself not to care. It was the precious, rare quiet time spent alone with her, while the babies were still sleeping, praising her for excessive sprinkles. It was the "I love baking. I love baking with you" that she told me with a sparkle in her eye. It was the proud way she wanted to tell everyone what she'd made, offering them a sample with complete confidence that they would love it.

There's just something about devoting the better part of a December day to baking Frosted Cut-Out Sugar Cookies with your kids that makes you feel like a good mom. Not a good nutritionist, and certainly not a good housekeeper, but a good mom.

And I like that feeling. I really like that feeling.


Krista said...

oh wow, that is adorable :) i'm so glad you enjoyed a great baking day with your wonderful kids! and emma sounds even more mature now... awww. when can i come visit again??

btw... would you mind giving me the recipe again for p. 108 cookies?

oh, and i posted some pics of pageant up! :)

Chef Mama said...

What sweet memories. And you are always a good mom. You remember to take pictures when good days happen! Tell Emma that Miss Lori says those sprinkles look delightful! And Garfield looks like the next Food Network Star!

What precious gifts from God you have Steph! What a precious mom they have in you.

And that's no yolk. Oh, sorry, wrong post!

Michelle B. said...

Sounds like you had a fun day. Those cookies look yummy and Emma looks so serious putting on those sprinkles.

Candace said...

Too, too precious!

Stephanie said...

Yes, Michelle, she took her sprinkling job quite seriously!

Stephanie said...
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Kristen & Dave said...

Such fun! I loved those days as a child, but never seem as willing to be on the parent end...I'm just not fun-Mom material. We actually did these at Valentines Day, which was easie for me (fewer shapes and colors). Guess I need to branch out now ;-)