Friday, March 13, 2009

What we've been up to

Well, we didn't win a chance to go to Australia for 6 months, but that's ok. Once we saw who they picked for the Top 50, we knew it was the wrong gig for us---almost all their selections were late teen/early 20's single wild folk. Needless to say, we didn't fit the bill.

But we've had plenty of little adventures of our own around here. There have been tea parties on a blanket in the living room, complete with milk in tiny tea cups, Oreos, and blueberry coffee cake.

Getting to wash the tiny dishes herself was a treat for Emma.

We've had the construction of various buildings, such as this lovely cabin and stable. It must be comfy, because all our horses seem to be called to a nap.

We've spent time playing outside in our yard, and also meeting up with a group of friends from MOPS at a park. (Emma is her daddy's daughter, by the way. She shot up and over the top of this climbing wall like nothing, before I even realized she was on it.)

We visited a new batch of Siberian Huskies near my parents' house in Boerne. Emma, who lives for dogs, remarked on the way over there that, "Mommy, I can barely breathe because the butterflies in my tummy are so excited!" (Sorry, Grandfather. I didn't mean to chop you out of the picture.)

On the baby front, our little guy is rambunctious and growing steadily, and I already feel large as a barge at only 26 weeks. This picture was taken about two weeks ago, and I know I've grown since then.

And we also celebrated my incredible hubby's birthday last weekend with special dinners, flan, and peach cobbler. Happy birthday, Garfield! You're the best husband and Daddy in the world! Here's a video of Elizabeth explaining Daddy's birthday dessert.
Thanks for checking back in!


Candace said...

Can we come over and have as much fun as you're having?'re just too cute for words. Large???? Yeah right! ;-)

Chef Mama said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww, such cuties & so much fun! I love that you made "problem" and ice cweam for Garfield's birthday!

You silly goose, if you are large, I refuse to even be seen near you. I am bigger than you & not even pregnant! LOL! You grow girl! We LOVE big preggo tummies!

Janice and family said...

Great pics Steph! Congrats on the new looke adorable!
Love ya,

Jenny said...

Well, there has to be a huge part of you that is relieved to NOT be going away 2 weeks after your due date.
Oh, and I am having lots of trouble not coveting that adorable tiny tea set. I'll settle for wanting one exactly like yours. :D

Cathryn said...

I don't know who is cuter- the puppies or those adorable kids of yours!

Missing you lots! :)